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Transcripts of court proceedings in Ontario can only be processed by a certified ACT (Authorized Court Transcriptionist). Once your order is placed, we will contact the courthouse staff and request the audio. After the audio has been received, we are in the best position to quote your order.  Court transcripts are priced on a per page basis. Of course, poor recording quality, varying speech cadence, speed, or overlapping speech can affect the length of the transcript. However, as a general rule a half hour of audio will produce approximately 20-25 pages.

The regulated rates are as follows:

Within 30 days (90 days for appeal transcripts):  $4.30/page

Within 5 business days:  $6.00/page

Within 24 hours (from receipt of audio):  $8.00/page (Special delivery arrangements may be necessary for hardcopy transcripts.)

Previously Transcribed, copy rate:  $0.55/page

Minimum Charge:  $20.00


NOTE:  If you will be requiring your transcript sooner than later, it is best to choose an expedited rate. Court staff process requests for audio according to the level of service the transcriptionist's client has requested. Take for example this scenario: Court staff are receiving orders from multiple transcriptionists. If the majority of requests are for expedited service, the staff will be occupied with filling those orders as a priority. The "within 30-day" orders may not be processed for several days, creating delay before the transcriptionists even receives the audio.



Knight Transcripts is affiliated with a network of ACTs that we've approved as holding to the same quality and standard that we expect from ourselves. We've developed a system to alert us to approaching deadlines with sufficient lead time to redirect our work to trusted associates if need be. Meeting our deadlines is as important as producing accurate transcripts. Allow us to gain your confidence - you can rely on us.