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Lawyers face it everyday...but all of us have faced it...that moment in time when your word is up against the word of another and the stakes are high. Where is the truth? It is in the record!

Unfortunately in daily life we rarely have a record - but in the courts we do. Why? Because liberties and societal peace are at stake. Justice will always best be served by a good hard look at the evidence - a meditative scouring of each and every word. That is how important the record is. At Knight Transcripts we understand that.



We are a mother and daughter team who both happen to be court reporters. Before you ask, no my mother didn't "get me into the business". You're not the first to ask, so don't feel bad! Transcription isn't our only common interest, we both also love to travel. Here's a pic of us on a recent trip. 

We also have a lot of something called "life experience". This has carried over into our business ethic. What does that mean for you? You have the assurance that we're people who actually "get it" and take initiative to get it done.